Saturday, April 26, 2008

Carly Henessy (Smithson)

Ultimate High is the début album of Irish-born singer Carly Smithson, née Hennessy, released in 2001 by MCA Records. It failed to find an audience despite MCA Records spending over $2 million on the production and promotion of the album, and became a textbook example for the economics of today's music industry.

"Beautiful You" (Robb Boldt, Danielle Brisebois, Carly Hennessy) – 4:42
"I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind" (Gregg Alexander) – 4:19
"Surface Wound" (Alexander) – 3:54
"You'll Never Meet God (If You Break My Heart)" (Alexander, Brisebois, Nick Lashley) – 4:36
"No One's Safe From Goodbye" (Alexander, Brisebois, Hennessy) – 4:32
"Young Love" - (Alexander, David Munday, Sandy Stewart) – 4:12
"I Need A Little Love" (Alexander, Brisebois) – 4:07
"Get You Off" (Boldt, Brisebois, Hennessy) – 4:16
"Rip In Heaven" (Brisebois) – 3:29
"All Kinds Of People" (Sheryl Crow, Kevin Gilbert, Eric Pressly) – 4:18
"Just Missed The Train" (Brisebois, Scott Cutler) – 5:22
"What I've Found" (Alexander, Brisebois, Hennessy, Lashley) – 4:45

Controversy Could Have Kiboshed Idol Carly Smithson


What would Jesus do? Isn't that always the question? Who knows, he might have said, "my child, that was a little pitchy for me."

The New York Times speculates the controversy that surrounds "Jesus Christ Superstar," the movie theme song sung by Carly Smithson this week on American Idol, may have contributed to her ouster. She received the lowest number of votes among the six remaining contestants.

Since the movie's release 35 years ago, the song has come under scrutiny by Christians. Many believe it portrays Jesus as unsure of his role as a religious icon.

So, Idol followers, what do you think? Did Carly get caught up in controversy, or were there just simply five better performances than hers? — J.R. Whalen

Few Carly Smithson Headlines

Carly Smithson Exits American Idol; Fans Get it Wrong... Again
Was it the Sympathy Factor that Saved Brooke White?

America Loses Its Mind And Votes Carly Off 'Idol'-Entertainment Weekly

Fallen Teddy

When I was a young kid, I never had a real teddy bear. Not that I wanted one as I was more of a car kid. I had loads of HotRod toys when I was between 4 to 7 years old. After that, things changed. My dad became an alcoholic and starts beating up my mom. Mom was like a fallen teddy bear. She was our teddy when we were younger. A fluffy bear to hold on to when daddy came home drunk. This boy remembered fighting the monster when he was a small 8 year old, because he was abusing our 'teddy bear'. He fought with all my might but he ended up flying to the wall hard. My 'teddy bear' was fighting for her life and for her two kids then but she wasn't strong enough. His elder sister bit the monster who tried to hurt our 'teddy'. No matter how hard a 9 year old girl tried, she ended up being kicked and thrown under an old wooden folding chair. She was not strong enough but she didn't cry. Morever these two kids didn't know what pain was and kept fighting and fighting the beast. 'Teddy' fought back but she was pinned to the floor. The beast managed to get a metal table fan and whacked teddy. 'Teddy' covered her face with her frailed arms. The boy did not cry as anger beseiged him. At 8 and 9, two kids hovered onto the beast and started biting, as hard as they can. 'Leave our teddy alone!' they cried. The little girl tried to grab teh table fan from the beast. How she tried. Screaming, tugging and pulling with every ounce of energy in her thin body.

Finally the beast let go of our 'teddy'. But not without punching the two young ones. Again left hurt on the floor. Her love for the two kids was so strong, tears rolling down her eyes, blood from her lips, as she screamed and fought with all her might. Blow after blow she gave, clawed like an angry cat, hurling her smaller frame towards the alcoholic induced monster, to let go off the children. 'Teddy' understood no pain as she was again hit across her chest. She stood up again, relentless, hitting hard behind the monster's back. Two children fighting for their little lives to get loose, kicking and clawing hard. Finally exhaustion overwhelmed the beast and 'it' retreated. Slowly moving away and left. Left behind two battered children, wanted nothing but to safely hold 'teddy'. 'Teddy' sat at the corner crying holding them, then tears started to fall not from pain but a relieve because we got our fallen teddy back.. I love you mom.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

JR, The Album

Ok guys, these are the songs that are officially going to be in the album:

1) You're Everything (To Me) - Ballad. It's a classical tune (very Korean-ish) and arranged by a Korean dude in new jersey U.S.A..(that's why it sound so Sonata Musim Salju meets Disney soundtrack.
2) Move On - Pop Rock. Somewhere in the Rascal Flatts genre.
3) Saat Hati Merindu - Ballad. Very soapy , giwang2 ballad. I hope to get the video for this out in my You Tube. I'll keep you posted.
4) My Heart Belongs to You - If you like Just Once by James Ingram, emm, then this ballad will suit you..hehehe.
5) I'm Falling In Love - Pop R&B; upbeat R&B song.
6) With You - In progress

I hope to make ten songs in this project. Plus three bonus track, 2 Dance/club Remix and one more Malay (Lagu Rohani).

Till then, it's getting there , slowly but surely. Keep you all posted. Ciao!

Photo Shoot Part2


What was difficult for me and I made it tough for Osmand was, I had no clue in posing. These are just some sample of what danny has done but I guess I need to find out what I wanted first before jumping in and start posing. I think most models would actually plan what they want or at least know how to bring an expression out. That, what was lacking from me. I'd wish I have doen abit of homework on the expressions and poses. but hey , the session isn't finished. I have some more to do before I can actually say for sure which one is best. Or maybe I'll let you all be the judge of it. Which one ah..?

Photo shoot for my Album

Photographed by Osmand Danny

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Karen Kong


Guess what, I'm probably one of the many people in Malaysia who is not aware that Karen Kong existed. She is a Chinese girl and sings great! I think she is from Labuan. Her songs such as 'Cinta hello Kitty' is a very touching ballad about homelessness. Why hello kitty? I guess a lot of young girls can related to that. Another ballad that showed her wonderful vocals 'Ku Tak Upaya' song by Fred Chong and lyrics by Asmin Mudin. Oh did I tell you that she is nominated in AIM 15 2008 on the 26th April? Best New Artiste and Best Female Vocals ..she is up against Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Dayang Nurfaizah..oohh nice one girl. Other songs such as 'Na,na,nada Cinta' and 'Oh Kekasih feat Shazzy - R&B upbeat song..I like this song!', 'Bintang - dance number, has this disco 80's flava..reminds me of Boogie Wonderland. Have a listen at her at You Tube.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Useless Facts

Beetles taste like apples, wasps like pine nuts, and worms like fried bacon.

In 1386, a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child

Dolphins sleep with one eye open!

It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, and had only ONE testicle.

Rabbits cannot throw up?

85% of men who die of heartattacks during intercourse, are found to have been cheating on their wives.

I'm bored,..can u tell..hhehehe


Guess what? This is actually my first post from Sandakan. It is pouring like mad here. Raining buffaloes and giraffes. Habis basah. I'm at this place called Jesselton Coffee,the Coffeebean of Sandakan. Serves almost the same stuff like Coffeebean. Nevertheless,it is slightly low key. Nice though,free WiFi to use. Realy heavy rain,getting myself a bit wet and better move to somewhere drier. I'm actually sitting outside. Speaking of which, Josie has invited meto go to Sipadan but I think I have no choice but to give i a miss due to some unforeseen circumstances. Love to go but hey...Anyway. I need to move. It's really getting wet. ..hang on................ yup got a better spot. The indoors is full, so i had to settle for outside.'s really mad! There are roars of thunder and flashes of lightning and my pants are wetter than a baby's diaper. Let's's the crowd here? I see yuppies in front of me, sa guy smoking whilst talking to his buddy and a girl(not the girlfriend because of the bodylanguage).Then behind me is a Ceylonese guy, or maybe malay-pakistan using his notebook too. My left is a bunch of lads talking in Cantonese. Oohh... started to feel cold though. OK..gotta write off. Wanna post some fun articles..Ciao Bella!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hmm another sunday goes by and I'm going back to Sandakan again. Guess what I don't know what to talk about today. I was contemplating on posting this post. To do or not to do.. Yesterday i had to buy a new handphone because my other one, Pocket PC handphone hung up on me..It just wouldn't reponse to my commands! I said "jump" and it just sat there. I told him to send my text message and he refused. The f^$@ing phone but yeah, cellphone is very clever. But I guess even things get sick. I didn't get much sleep again. I guess every time I'm in Kk , I don't normally get that enough sleep. I had to wake up early like 6:30am or 7 the latest to get the dogs out for their morning pee-pee (we don't want them to torture them by lettin' them hold their bladder and squeeze their asses till I get up when i wanna get up). Imagine you having to hold and cannot pee-pee. Your bladder would swell up like the size of a tyre and before you know it your eyes are gonna turn blue (oh yes..I read this somewhere..?? No need to buy any blue contact lenses now. Save money, hold your piss!). Ok, comes the sharp pain in your back. Your kidneys starts to fail then you little juniors will start to shrink into a size of a very tiny french fry. For ladies, I believe your ..well you know..(another name for cat), starts to vibrate uncontrollably..then it happens!! The dam breaks and you wet your pants! Remember when we were kids and we wet out pants? Oohh.. remember the feeling of warm wet pee dribbly down your legs, followed by coldness afterwards.? It's like therapy..aaahh.. First the warm hot bath then a cold one to refresh you..very spa. No wonder kids pee in their's nice what! hahahaha.. Moral of the story is, don't hold your pee,..just do it! Have a great week. Bye


OK, so i'm bored. But I've always wanted to find out theoritically if i'm a romantic. I did this test and found out I'm a well balanced person..romantic wise. What about you.? Try it out..takes 5 minutes only..hehehe.. Love Test.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

But..I need surgery!! hahahaa..NOT!

So OK, I don't look like Brad Pitt..yet!! Give me 6 months, or maybe a year or so and I bet I can do it (but I remember saying that 3 years ago, every year?? hmmm)..

Sapi Island

Beach Boy
This time, I get to swim, swim, snorkel, swim and bask under the very hot sun. I was not too keen with the Iguanas though.. OMG they are huge! The beach was almost pack. The sea was turqouise blue.. we swam with the fish! Cool. I had a blast. Can you tell??

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Going To the Island


Yes..It's Beachy time again! We are going to the islands again tomorrow, courtesy of Josie (Kupi) the organiser. Hope this time it'll turn out better..I mean no waiting and waiting for the boat. The last time I went I have just had a tattoo done so I couldn't get into the water. But not now..yippeee! However, I consider myself a bit on the vain side..I mean I want to look good in a swimwear but yet too lazy to work out. Honestly , I am, but heck I'm just like the millions of Manhunt model wannabes and yet never took the time to actually go and do something about it. I mean look at these celebs! Daymn! But I guess that's part of their job, to look good. To look at myself naked in the mirror and say " daymn! I look good!" is supposedly my 2008 resolution. However 3 months have gone by and I have yet to see at least a 2 pack on my abs. Nevermind, I have 9 months to go.. hehehe..wanna bet if I could do it? Do I have the will power to look like Brad Pitt shirtless? Ooohh..daunting task. Let's just wait and see. Ciao da miao!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Golden Puppies Playing

These Golden Retrievers pups are simply adorable!! eee...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Be Happy

This one's for the those who enjoy reading and something to induce sleep to some but on the other hand evoke thinking to several.

Most people that I know of tend to dwell on the petty things in life in which to them they consider a necessity. One of my good friends who works in a hotel got a call from his colleague and told hiim that the main entrance door fell and has broken into million pieces. We were in a bar and he stood up, seemingly looked distressed and wanted to go to the hotel. Why? I told him that his presence wouldn't change a thing. Though it'd be nice to have Samantha from Bewitch to wringle her nose and voila!, the door's fine. Real world honey, it does not happen. Another thing, do not keep rubbish in your heart. I know people (guess, i know a lot of people eh) who keep anger, hatred, negativity as whole inside of them. They dwell on them, digest them and to some extreme feeds on these negativity and yields what? More negativity! Flush them off guys. Do you really need them? Bad things inevitably do happens sometimes but if we train ourselves to move on with life and not to sip your coffee and eat your cookie in a rubbish bin,,so to speak then we should be able to live life happier. We can't change the world.

Ooh and give a little. It is possible giving time and resources to others who need them and will contribute more to your happiness and creative outlook on life than most anything else. But the world does seem selfish sometimes. But don't stop.

So, lighten up guys. Don't take yourself too seriously. Never over analyze anything and make them complicated (Avril lavigne was right here). Stress can cause many mental, physical, and spiritual problems in your life. One of the major causes of stress is worrying about things that are out of your control, and guess what? It's self inflicted. I rather stay away frm that door, it just too much emotional turmoil. I have also learnt to recognize these things and if you can truly do nothing about them, then just let them go. Yes, it is difficult at first but believe you me, it does work. Oohh..take time to laugh at yourself, be goofy and the situations you find yourself in. Laughter is a powerful, positive medicine and the calmer and more peaceful you can take things, the happier your life will be. I'd wish I'd win the Sport Toto Jackpot and I'll definitely be happier,..(enjoy this thought,...hmmmm..millionaire...yatch, big bungalow,more dogs..). It does make me happier for a while but it's worth it. Don't worry too much about the bad stuff that had happened and may happen. It wouldn't be life if some bad things don't happen, right?

Last but not least. To those who are faint hearted, stop reading here..(but its OK, we have Arteo..hehehe) I, personally belive not to spend your money only for necessities. Money is only a tool used to acquire the things you need or want in life. Do not love the tool or become a slave to it. Occasionally (once in a blue moon for those who has financial limitation), you should treat yourself and others to something special to enjoy the fruits of your labours... Come drink!! Good night, God Bless...


Yes,..finally I'm vocally well and ready. After coming back from KL last week, I got the flu and my voice was coarse and yuckyy.. One week of enough sleep, buckets of water and exercise, I believe I'm ready to start my vocal exercises before heading for the recording studio at RAM this sunday. Will be doing 'You're Everything (To Me). Hope it'll be a good one with less mistakes. I found out recording is hard work. You have to be perfect on the pitching, your rhytmn has to be top notch and it sounds damn hell better when you put feelings into the song. Looking forward to it..Don't have much to say today though. Let's see tomorrow.. Bye goodnite.. I need my vocal rest..muuaahh!!

Whitney Houston is Back!

whitney houston
Something that I have been anticipating for years. I mean she is my idol since she first burst into the scene. Yes, her voice has been a major question mark, especially after her below par performance in KL last year. Regardless, no one sings like her.

Whitney Houston Starts Work on New Album!

Whitney Houston begins in earnest to record her comeback album today.

Houston, who's been in rehab for about a year in Southern California, is about to make the tentative steps toward reclaiming her once-flourishing career.

The first step is venturing into a recording studio with superstar writer-producer Johnta Austin — pronounced "Jon-tay." Austin won a Grammy for co-writing Mariah Carey's hit "We Belong Together." The hope is that he can work his magic again with Houston.

I already told you in this space about a month ago that music mogul Clive Davis has already settled on roughly seven songs for Houston, including those by R. Kelly, Diane Warren and other big-name producers. Another name in the hat: a writer called Fernando.

How to Turn A Woman On!

OH MY GOD...!! For the guys, you just touch us 'there' and we are ON! But for women.. Read on if you have time..whew!!! Hard work guys! But this is not a fool proof method. Don't look for me if it doesn't work.

Women love to kiss. They exude a lot of emotion through their kisses. Have fun playing with her. If you know how to manipulate her lips just right through kissing, licking, sucking and biting, it is very possible that a kiss will lead to a lot more than that. Use your lips, your tongue and your teeth to play with her top and bottom lip and kiss her with absolute passion.

Nape of the Neck:
Just breathing on this part of her body will give her goose bumps all over. So just imagine her reaction when you use your tongue or teeth to get her aroused.

Do not forget to use your hands as well. Lift her hair up gently as you bring your mouth closer to her neck. Then, as you sink your teeth into it, pull on her hair slightly so as to give that "I want you sooo bad" impression.

Many women enjoy having their ears licked, sucked or kissed. Although blowing in her ear is acceptable, it's not what women enjoy most. Besides the few little things that I have mentioned they also like it when you whisper in their ears.

They enjoy sweet nothings not something like, "What time do the playoffs start tonight?" Try to be somewhat erotic and give her the shivers up and down her spine instead. Instead tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her

This may come as a shock to most guys but did you know that a woman's wrist is an erogenous zone. Women love having their wrists nuzzled and nibbled by their partners. The next time you're getting into the foreplay of things with your woman, woo here with soft sensual kisses and caressing her wrists and just check out how impressed and turned on she'll become!

Breasts (nipples):
As I am sure this is no surprise to anyone, the breasts are very sexually sensitive and gentle fondling, squeezing, caressing, licking and sucking of the nipples can be extremely arousing. Just as well, many women like it when their guys get a little rough with their breasts, so find out how she likes it and give it to her the way she wants!

Behind the Knees:
Because of all the nerve endings behind the knees, you'd be surprised at how crazy a woman can become when you gently lick or nibble on the back of her knees. Soft gentle nibbles and and sweet soft butterfly kisses. She will love it. Try it!

Be careful not to overdo it -- the area, after all, is very sensitive and you must be careful not to make the sensation annoying by getting too rough or tickling her too much.

Many women enjoy having their feet touched, massaged and some even enjoy having them licked and sucked. I am not into the licking and sucking part but I do love a nice massage. I as well do not mind a little nibble. Now this of course is assuming that their feet have been properly cleansed, sounds silly but you make the conclusion. Women enjoy it when their men spend time caressing their soles, toes and ankles. Because these zones can all be ticklish, the sensation of ticklishness can be pleasant for the recipient.

While some men cringe at the thought of wrapping their mouths around a body part that spends most of its day sweating in leather, many guys are actually pretty keen on the idea of giving their women a good toe lashing every now and then. If you do not like the thought of touching your tongue on her toes. try and make it interesting. Try adding whipped cream or something fun like that. Make it fun, loving your partner is not supposed to be a stressing act.

Yes, it's true. Lots of women like it when you play around with their behinds. A lot of women like mild spanking and squeezing of the buttocks. But there's more... Now this is not something that I like or even like to describe so this is for the women who do like it.

Some women like having their butts licked, sucked and penetrated (with fingers, penis or both). For those who shudder at the thought of sticking their tongues out at Uranus, I'm sure that anal penetration, on the other hand, sounds quite inviting, huh?

Inner Thighs:
Now the inside of the thighs are highly sensitive to touching, stroking, nibbling and licking. Just like the back of the knees, inner thighs also have many nerve endings, therefore when you fondle them, you will turn her on like crazy. Remember not to bite only to nibble gently because the area is very sensitive and doing so would only cause her mild pain.

And for most woman I am sure that I have saved the best for last.

The clitoris can be stimulated by using the tongue, the finger or, for the multi-talented, both simultaneously. Some women like to guide their lovers as to the specific amount of pressure they enjoy. The key to a great sex life is communication. Communicate with your partner and be honest as to what you want and enjoy.

For those who have not had that luxury, it's usually quite evident whether or not she's pleased with your performance. For instance if she begins getting squirmy, make sure that it's because she's enjoying it and not because you're giving her that "annoying" feeling. If she is enjoying it you will defiantly see the results of your actions. See will be wet from the vaginal secretions from all the pleasure that you are giving her.

Happy trying guys..and most of all GOOD LUCK!

Wake Up To Foreplay!

Aaahh.. this is how to turn us guys on. Ladies, attention and practise, practise and practise! :-)

Often a man is stimulated sexually by what he sees -- men tend to respond to visuals, while women tend to respond more to what they hear and feel. That said, some men do need to be touched or cajoled into action more directly. The first and basic rule is to ask. Ask him what he likes, needs and wants as a turn-on. Try doing this at a quiet, intimate time (but not necessarily in the bedroom). For example, you might initiate a discussion over coffee about what each of you finds to be a turn-on. If your man needs to be touched, then any form of gentle, careful and caring caressing of his genitals, and even his nipples, should do the trick. You can do this with your hands, of course, but you can also use your mouth or even your breasts. Believe me, it will work.

BBQ Konsert AF

Nah, inilah kali pertama akan dicatitkan dalam sejarah blog..(kavagu). Blog saya yang pertama dalam BM. Issh.. Inipun teruk sudah saya mau buat karangan..kikiikii. Actually..oopss..sebenarnya saya kira-kira mau buat AF BBQ party di rumah. Sambil tengok konsert, berBBQ lah konon plus jamuan minuman 'penerang hati'! Alasan mau beraramaitii ja tu. Tapi..baru teringat that my sofa..oopss again..(apa sofa dalam BM ah?? kerusi panjang!!??, kerusi santai, kerusi baring2??) Deeii.. sofa lah! Sofa saya kena hantar ke klinik untuk dibuat pembedahan plastik. Pasal apa? Pasal anjing -anjing saya habis gigit, kurik sampailah kusyen (ee..ada kah perkataan ni?) habis terterabur di lantai. Hancus! So.. oleh kerana tu,,nah terpaksalah pigi hantar kasih bungkus balik. Maka demikianlah cerita BBQ party AF yang terpaksa ditundah ke minggu hadapan. Bah, sia mau buat jemputan sudah ni. Selain daripada tengok konsert, ah..mistilah ada aktiviti lain..hmm apa ah? Macam pengkritik yang paling pedas pada malam tu,..(ini Gidong yang angkat ni., confirm hehheehe..) OK lah..just an idea.. nanti sia tanya dorang kalo dorang mau datang. Potluck ja. Tengoklah..if sofa tu sempat siap sabtu ni..buli kali..? how??

Tennis Quote From My Favourite Player

" I think about that sometimes - learning to play in a parking lot, stringing nets between cars. I learned to play by hitting against a brick wall, not a ball machine or other players. And my Father was my coach - teaching me from a twenty year-old book. When I hear people say that you can't make it in tennis if you don't have a lot of money, I know they're wrong. We didn't have much money. But I loved the sport and that was enough." - Monica Seles -

In Bed With Rex

In Bed With Rex
Hmm..daddys bed is so much better than mine..!

Hey Rex

Hey Rex
Aww..he was 3 months then..

Rex & Bobbi

Rex & Bobbi
Playtime..I like this caviar taste tennis ball..yumm.. Not. Goku stop scratching Rex's butt!

My Idols

My Idols
Whitney, Luther, Kylie & Monica

Just junior

Just junior
Me, Myself & I

The Doggies

The Doggies
Rex, Bobbi & Sisqo