Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Party..Baila!!

I'm looking forward for tonight's New Year party. Haven't done this fora very long time..mostly celebrated at a club or a pub. The theme is Wet & Wild Latin Party. I'll post some photos soon. Happy New Year all!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

An Excerpt from Nelly's Site

Kawan Baik
Bukannya senang nak cari kawan yang baik.
Bukan senang juga nak menjadi kawan yang baik.

Kawan yang baik tak pernah mengumpat di belakang kawan baiknya.
Kawan yang baik tak pernah cemburu dengan kejayaan kawan baiknya.
Sebaliknya kawan yang baiklah yang paling banyak membantu
kawan baiknya untuk mencapai kejayaan.

K awan yang baik tak pernah mempengaruhi kawan baiknya untuk
membuat perkara yang buruk dan sia-sia.
Kawan yang baik adalah orang yang selalu menasihati kawan baiknya
untuk berbuat kebaikan.

Kawan yang baik adalah orang pertama yang akan dicari bila tiba masa sedih atau gembira.
Kawan baik menjadi tempat kita meluahkan perasaan yang tak dapat diluahkan
kepada kawan biasa.

Kawan yang baik tak pernah memaksa kawan baiknya untuk sentiasa berada di sisinya.
Kawan yan g baik tak pernah melarang kawan baiknya untuk berkawan dengan
kawan yang baik. Kawan yang baik tak pernah cemburu jika kawan baiknya mempunyai ramai kawan baik, kerana kawan yang baik tahu apa yang paling baik untuk kawan baiknya.

Kawan yang baik akan sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan kawan baiknya di dunia dan di akhirat di dalam doanya.

Kita adalah kawan yang baik jika kita faham bahawa kawan baik kita bukanlah
seorang yang sempurna. Kita adalah kawan yang baik jika kita menjadi kawan yang baik kepada k awan baik kita.

Kita bukanlah kawan yang baik jika kita tidak menghargai kawan baik kita,
kerana kawan yang baik akan sentiasa menghargai kawan baiknya.

Kita bukanlah kawan yang baik jika kita tidak memberitahu perkara yang baik kepada kawan baik kita, kerana kawan yang baik akan selalu menyampaikan perkara yang baik kepada kawan baiknya .

Kawan yang baik akan mem'post' kan buletin ini kepada kawan-kawannya, bukan kerana terpaksa, bukan kerana suka-suka, tetapi untuk dijadikan pedoman oleh kawan-kawannya supaya dapat menjadi kawan yang baik kepada kawan baiknya.

Dan kalau kita nak dapat kawan baik yang baik, kita mesti lebih dahulu menjadi seorang kawan yang baik...kepada kawan baik kita.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dirty Paw Event & Photography

Dear all, Mesh & Me have just set up a company specialising in photography, videos, editing, and of course event management. It's called Dirty Paw Event & Photography. The blogspot is still under construction and we hope it'll be up and running by end of the week. Cheers!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanks All

To all my friends..Thanks! Love you all..

Cock & Bull Friday 12th Dec 08

How to sum it up? It was simply brilliant! All my friends, O2C were there and mesh's colleagues, Freda & Fabian came along. We had enough to drink, ..heehehe.. Lawrence did some magic trick and it was cool. Cha sang my favourite song 'Warwick Avenue'. Tompok was first on the stage with 'No One'. Then we had Bobby doing "I'll Never Fall In Love Again'. And first time ever, Gidong was on stage to sing "If Tomorrow Never Comes', yeah Gidong! Bobby's cousin Mimi sang, Ollen also made an entrance on the stage as well as Freda (who celebrated her birthday on the 11th Dec.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Going To KL

Hmm,..guess I'm to KL again this sunday for a 2-day training on monday & Tuesday.I'm not complaining but its just that everytime I fly back to KK from KLIA i will get surely get the flu.

My flight is leaving from Sandakan to KK at 2pm, its 12:30pm now. So I better get myself ready.I am actually tired ofall this flying to KK every week. When will it all stop. I guess when I am transfered back to KK, hopefully next year. I can say in this 2 years I have already have 300 hours of flying time. I'm tired of packing some of my stuff, check in at the counter, waiting at the lounge, waking up early morning to catch the 7am flight to work. I am just too tired. I also miss my loved ones,my dogs & my friends..

I do hope I can hang on for another 4-5 months. Otherwise,then I need to get a great job in KK. But it is not easy to find a company who pays as well as Toyota. Maybe KL? Maybe...hope I win the RM20 milloin jackpot.Now won't that be great!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How I Spend 10th Dec

It's a not so good recording,..just a little diary how i spend my birthday yesterday. Went for drinking at night with Kawi & Lily.. back home trus tidur..zzzzz

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang at D'Junction

Thanks Newton forthe post. Those who were there at RGP08,know that I was a bit intoxicated singing this song. I couldn't remember all the words..daymn..all the red wine,whisky, beer & tequila! Bah..enjoy..hehehe..I did.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Of My Idol..Miss Houston!

Whitney Houston is coming with her new albumentitled,"Undefeated". Watch this space. The video shows why no one comes even close to her vocal prowness.

Monday, December 1, 2008

RED GLAM Party 2008

Its time to give back people! RM30 to help KASIH/Malaysian Aids Foundation. Plus you will get free food,drinks & loads of entertainment.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another One of My Idols

JENNIFER BEALS ~ The Brainy Beauty

When Flashdance came out, I was madly in love with her..crazy! I watched Flashdance like, 25 times!! I still do have the movie in DVD. Her beauty is gracious,a sense of intelligence and strength. Her acting, moving,classy & believable. Simply love her!

Intelligent and beautiful with a disarming smile, Jennifer Beals managed to exude both strength and tenderness in her work, making her one of the most relatable and talented actresses of her time. A pop-culture icon after her star-making debut as Alex Owens in Flashdance (1983), Beals weathered the backlash storm for having a dance double in the hit film. After disappearing off the radar for some time – perhaps spooked by her overnight “Flashdance” fame – Beals would eventually come back to the Hollywood fold and build an impressive, though less prolific, film career over the next 20 years. Her touching portrayal of lesbian workaholic Bette Porter on Showtime’s provocative drama “The L Word” (2004- ), instantly revitalized Beal’s career. Back in the spotlight 20 odd years after her early 1980s mega-stardom, Beals proved that she had staying power and the talent to stick around and do good, solid work.

Born Dec. 19, 1963 in Chicago, IL to Alfred Beals, an African-American grocery store owner, and Jeanne Cohen, a school teacher of Irish descent, Beals grew up in Chicago where she attended the Francis W. Parker School as a child. Suffering a tragedy at a young age, Beal’s father passed away when she was only 10. Pushing forward, Beals began to model and pursue film work as a teenager. At the age of 17, she caught the eye of producers on the film “My Bodyguard” (1980), who cast her in a small part; though it marked Beals’ film debut, her role went uncredited. Remaining focused on her studies, Beals enrolled at the prestigious Yale University where she studied English. She continued to audition for film roles while in college – and it was during a trip through Europe that she was first asked to go to New York to audition for this odd musical film directed by someone named Adrian Lyne, which sounded more like an extended MTV video than anything else.

Landing the lead role of Alex Owens, a welder who moonlights as an exotic dancer at night, Beals was catapulted instantly into stardom with the unbelievable success of “Flashdance.” Though reviews for the film were mixed, it made Beals not only a pop-culture icon, but a fashion trendsetter, as well – with her character’s off-the shoulder chopped sweatshirts becoming the “it” style of the early 1980s. Controversy hit soon after the film’s release, however, when it was revealed that Beals had not performed her own dance sequences in the film. Indeed, French actress Marine Jahan had doubled for many of the dance sequences in the film – even a young male break-dancer in a wig had done the last back spin during the famed audition scene. Upon closer inspection, fans noticed that a variety of ways were used to disguise Jahan from Beals – including strobe flashing, Kabuki white face paint, dark shadows and a bucket of water. Fans were angry and disappointed, but the film made boatloads of cash for Paramount and that was all that mattered. A still somewhat shell-shocked by fame Beals went on to star next in Franc Roddam’s Frankenstein re-working, “The Bride” (1985) opposite Sting. Unfortunately for Beals, the film did nothing to redeem her newly found stardom and the actress returned to Yale where she earned a BA in American Literature in 1987. She so firmly disappeared off the radar, it was as if a major star had never been born.

After returning to the screen in the 1988 film “Split Decisions,” Beals began sticking her toe back in the Hollywood pond, with supporting roles in “Vampire’s Kiss” (1989) opposite Nicholas Cage, and a role in new husband Alexandre Rockwell’s “Sons” (1989). Beals next portrayed the Dominican-American love interest of an aspiring director (Steve Buscemi) in Rockwell’s Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner, “In the Soup” (1992) and went on to make her primetime television debut in 1992 on Aaron Spelling’s short-lived soap, “2000 Malibu Road” (CBS). Beals was next recommended by former Yale classmate David Duchovny for the female lead in the FOX sci-fi series, “The X-Files” (1993-2002), but producer Chris Carter decided to cast then unknown actress Gillian Anderson instead. Undeterred, Beals next appeared opposite Jennifer Jason Leigh in Alan Rudolph’s critically acclaimed take on the infamous wits of the Algonquin Round Table in “Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle” (1994) in which Beals gave a convincing portrayal of the neglected wife of humorist Robert Benchley (Campbell Scott). She next appeared as the woman caught up in a political scandal opposite Denzel Washington in the detective mystery “Devil in a Blue Dress” (1995). Beals reteamed once again with husband Rockwell in his segment of the independent collaboration “Four Rooms” (1995); off-screen however, the pair amicably ended their 10-year marriage.

Beals next appeared briefly in Whit Stillman’s ensemble independent film, “The Last Days of Disco” (1998) and went on to portray a bi-racial woman who finds out that her mother was a slave in Showtime’s Civil War-era “A House Divided” (2000). In 2001, Beals made a cameo in Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming’s directorial debut, “The Anniversary Party.” Portraying a photographer in the film, Beals got the chance to showcase her own photographic eye – a number of her photos from the set of the film were later published in national magazines. She went on to land supporting roles in the critically acclaimed indie film “Roger Dodger” (2002) and opposite John Cusack in “Runaway Jury” (2003).

A turning point came for Beals in 2004 when she landed the role of Bette Porter on Showtime’s racy lesbian drama, “The L Word.” Portraying Bette Porter, a Yale educated, bi-racial art curator, Beals found herself back in the spotlight – 20 years after her high profile turn in “Flashdance.” The role also allowed Beals to explore a range of important topics – from homosexuality to being bi-racial – a subject that hit close to home with Beals and earned her a NAACP Image Award nomination. While working on the series, Beals continued to work in film, most notably in Takashi Shimizu’s horror sequel, “The Grudge 2” (2006).

Born: December 19, 1963 in Chicago, IllinoisJob Titles: Actor, ModelSignificant Others
Husband: Ken L. Dixon. married in 1999
Yale College, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, American literature, 1987
The Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois
Professional Workshop, New York, New York
1980 Uncredited film debut (bit part) in "My Bodyguard"
1983 Made film acting debut in the leading role of the hit musical drama "Flashdance"
1985 Co-starred with Sting in Franc Roddam's revisionist remake "The Bride"
1985 Played title role in "Cinderella" for Showtime's "Faerie Tale Theatre"
1988 First foreign film, Carlo Vanzini's "La Partita", with Faye Dunaway and Matthew Modine
1989 Initial collaboration with then-husband director Alexandre Rockwell, "Sons"
1992 Made TV series debut in a shortlived, "2000 Malibu Road" (CBS)
1992 Reteamed with Rockwell for "In the Soup", which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival
1992 TV-movie debut, Clive Donner's "Terror Stalks the Class Reunion" (syndicated)
1994 Played herself being approached by a rabid fan in Nanni Moretti's "Caro Diario"; Rockwell also appeared as himself
1994 Portrayed Gertrude Benchley in Alan Rudolph's "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle"
1995 Acted in Rockwell's The Wrong Man episode of "Four Rooms", as well as in Quentin Tarrantino's The Man from Hollywood segment
1995 Had plum movie role as the femme fatale titular "The Devil in a Blue Dress"
1997 Portrayed a young mother deciding whether or not to abort a son who might be gay in Jonathan Tolin's "Twilight of the Golds" (Showtime)
1998 Appeared briefly in Whit Stillman's "The Last Days of Disco"
1998 Had recurring role on the ABC drama "Nothing Sacred"; episodes never aired
1998 Returned to dancing (ballroom this time) for "Let It Be Me" (Starz!); lensed in 1994 but never released when Savoy Pictures went bankrupt
1999 Starred opposite former boxer Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini in TMC's "Body and Soul"
2000 Played Amanda Dickinson, the product of a bi-racial coupling in Showtime's fact-based drama "A House Divided"
2001 Appeared as Mrs. Gravotte in film version of Hemmingway's "After the Storm"
2001 Played a photographer in "The Anniversary Party"
2002 Appeared in the independent film "Roger Dodger"
2002 Co-starred in the TV miniseries "Anne Rice's The Feast of All Saints"
2003 Cast opposite John Cusack in "Runaway Jury," based on John Grisham's novel
2004 Played Bette in the lesbian themed Showtime drama "The L Word"
2006 Co-starred in "The Grudge 2" a sequel to the 2004 remake directed by Takashi Shimizu

Monday, November 24, 2008

Back At Office in Sandakan

After just one day meeting in KK last Friday 21st Nov, I'm back now in Sandakan. Today is a good day coz I don't have so much work to clear from my table. Susah jugak jadi bos (not easy being a boss)..sometimes..Too many paper work, reports etc. Thank goodness I do have my secondliners to assist.

Anyway,I do hope to clear all these by noon so that I have time for other task. Must finish everything by 3p,m. No lunch till then. I have to wrap up the checklist for O2C members to organise the Red Glam Party on the 7th Dec...whew!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TributeTo My Idol - The Late Mr Luther Vandross

No one in this generation sings as good as he did.. When he died on the 1st July 2005, my heart stopped and cried for a day. This particular song is my old time favourite. Dance with my Father is never fails to make me cry..

A suave crossover balladeer and meticulous pop craftsman whose impeccable phrasing, delicate articulation and romantic delivery were underscored by his extra–ordinary hitmaking talents as a songwriter, producer and arranger, Luther Vandross (1951-2005) was by every account THE most beloved R&B male vocalist of his generation. With a cumulative 20 gold, platinum and multi-platinum certifications in the U.S. alone (singles, albums, videos) and worldwide sales of more than 30 million albums, Luther’s impact on popular tastes has been second to none.

Monday, November 17, 2008

New House

What can I say..I'm really excited with the idea of moving to my first own house at Taman Shangrila Country,Jalan Minintod, Kibabaig Penampang. I am currently staying at my family house,but renovated downstairs.

Ok, just to share bout the new house. Its a four bedroom house with three washrooms. Since Mesh is helping me to take care of Rex when I am in Sandakan,so he is now officially my housemate. Thanks Po..

One room will be converted into studio cum office & walk-in wardrobe. One room is for visitors. One is Mesh's room downstairs & of course master bedroom is mine. I have just finished buying some basic furnishing,living roomset,dining set & a giant wardrobe. I have also bought the lightings which cost me RM3,000!! I have to buy bedroom sets for all three rooms,washing machine, stove,fridge,airconds etc.. Oh,I hope to get the kitchen built in cabinets in also.

The bad news is, the developer WKLand(subsidiary of Wong Kwok)just informed me that the O.C will only be out by Chinese New Year 2009!! Looks like I will have to wait another 3 months before I can move in the new house. But looking on the good news, the developer has to pay 3 months of my progressive payment..yes!! And, this also gives me 3 months to save money to get the other goods in.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Photos by Mesh

Hehehe...actually i'm not really that confident in taking potraits or close ups..but the lighting was great and i was in a great mood. Mesh toook some and I quite like these two.. hahaha..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Life Part 1

A lot of my photos when I was younger were damaged by the 1999 flood. Too bad. Otherwise I have a lot of baby pics to show you all...comel bah saya dulu. Sekarang..adui..nda comel sudah..

Me, when I was around 4 months old..

5 months I think...hmm. I'm the one with more hair (left).

2 year old at my uncle's house.

4 years my old kampung house.

Ring bearer for my cousin June's wedding. I was 6 years old.

Form 3..aduh hitam nye..

16 years old..still hitam and kurus!

After form five..lepak at Sabah Flying Club. Friends from left Jonathan (Le Face Pub), Me, Danny, Andrew (Atama) & Jeffrey.

UITM. I was 19 years old. Diploma in Science. Me & Aziah Jasmine.

1993, I studied in Liverpool John Moores University. Holiday makan angin in London.

I worked in Brunei in 1997 - 1999, Riverview Hotel.

My birthday at BED Club, KK. 2001.

Japan 2002.

Backpacking in Sydney 2003.

Very Hot & dry India 2004.

Seoul, Korea. 2005.

Mabuhay Manila, 2005.

Accident. Dislocated collarbone. 28 stitches and 2 titanium rods. Operation at SMC. 3 hours operation in April 2007.

Patah bahu less than one month, terus go to Hong Kong..I was in pain the whole trip..May 2007.

Me & Mickey at HK Disneyland. 2007.

Tennis Quote From My Favourite Player

" I think about that sometimes - learning to play in a parking lot, stringing nets between cars. I learned to play by hitting against a brick wall, not a ball machine or other players. And my Father was my coach - teaching me from a twenty year-old book. When I hear people say that you can't make it in tennis if you don't have a lot of money, I know they're wrong. We didn't have much money. But I loved the sport and that was enough." - Monica Seles -

In Bed With Rex

In Bed With Rex
Hmm..daddys bed is so much better than mine..!

Hey Rex

Hey Rex
Aww..he was 3 months then..

Rex & Bobbi

Rex & Bobbi
Playtime..I like this caviar taste tennis ball..yumm.. Not. Goku stop scratching Rex's butt!

My Idols

My Idols
Whitney, Luther, Kylie & Monica

Just junior

Just junior
Me, Myself & I

The Doggies

The Doggies
Rex, Bobbi & Sisqo